Trujay Group LLC Subprocessors

Last updated 16 June, 2018

Trujay Group, LLC provides a great deal of transparency regarding how we use your data, how we collect your data, and with whom we share your data. To that end, we provide this page, which details subprocessors used by our online Service Offerings.

If you make use of Trujay Groups Professional Services consultants then, to meet the specific needs of your project and in consultation with you, the consultants may use other subprocessors.

Name of Subprocessor
Description of Processing
Location of Processing
Amazon Web Services
Web application hosting and related services
United States
CDN for browser (website) content
United States
Google Cloud Platform
Authentication via Google
United States
Google G Suite
Corporate email system, document storage
United States
Customer support/web chat messaging
United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific
Contract signature processor
United States
Offline payment processor
United States
Corporate financial system
United States